Aquathlon Training Plan for National Championship


After my first aquathlon I decided to go to the Aquathlon National Championship and try to make the US team for the ITU World Multisport Championship in Penticton, B.C. Naturally as any great athlete about to train for a National Championship would do, I googled “aquathlon training plan”. Take a wild guess on what I found? Jack shit. So that was a great start. I took a step back and started searching for triathlon training plans that I could just modify to eliminate the biking and substitute in more running and swimming. I was a brand new father (my son was 1 month old at this time) and knew nothing about multisport training or aquathlons. So, I did the best training plan that I could think of at the time. Build up for a couple weeks, then drop down. Then repeat that cycle till race day.

Below is the link for the exact training plan that I used for the 2016 Aquathlon National Championship. Feel free to use the plan entirely, modify it, change it entirely, or throw it away.

Aquathlon Training Plan – Nationals

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