Bike Workout: Short Hill Sprints

Triathlete Climbing

One of the greatest issues that plague triathletes and other multisport athletes is biking a course on race day that they have never ridden before in their life. Usually it is filled with tight turns, sudden bottlenecks, and dreaded hills. Sometimes these hills are long and not very steep, sometimes they are short but steep, and sometimes they are just a stairway to heaven that never ends. No matter which hilly situation you find yourself in, just know that you don’t have to be unprepared. Below is an example of a workout that will help you keep the pace through a rolling course or short steep hills.

Warm Up
Ride 15-20 min easy to a hill that’s about a 8-10% grade.

Main Set
4x(1 minute going up the hill in a seated position at race pace then ride down the hill for recovery.)
Ride 5 minutes easy between each rep
Repeat the set 2 more times.

Cool Down
Ride back 15-20 minutes

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