Run Workout: 1 Hour Pyramid

Ironman Long Run Workouts

One of the things I noticed when training for my first multisport race was the lack of training resources. Sure there are a couple workouts on blogs here and there but there is no great place to scroll through endless workouts to pick from. Since there are a lot of running workouts that I love and I want to give them all to you, I have gone through the painful process of creating tons of workouts for you. Here is one of my favorites. You start off and it feels easy to do the first couple 800’s at 10k pace but slowly starts to wear your legs. Then you are forcing your legs to get used to performing at high speeds towards the end of the workout as you shorten the distance and increase the speed.

1 Hour Pyramid

Warm up for 15-20 minutes at an easy pace. Stay in HR Zone 1 or low Zone 2. Then do about 5 minutes of running drills.

Main Set
6×800 at 10k pace w/400 easy jog between each
4×400 at 5k pace w/400 easy jog between each
3×200 at faster than 5k pace w/200 easy jog
2×100 at mile pace w/200 easy jog

Cool down for 15-20 minutes at an easy pace. Try and drop your heart rate back down to Zone 1 before finishing up. Wrap up with some good stretching for 10 minutes.

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