4 Week Duathlon Training Plan

4 Week Duathlon Training Plan

We all know how hard it is to be great at swimming. Sometimes we put countless hours in the pool to only make little strides towards improvement. No matter how great at running and biking you are, there is no hope unless you are a good swimmer right? Wrong! The Duathlon is a wonderful event that eliminates the swim and contains a mixture of running and biking only. Sometimes it is run-bike-run format and sometimes its a run-bike format. Regardless, event the most committed triathletes here may benefit from a good duathlon race after their triathlon season. Due to the fact that the duathlon is only running and biking, races can be held later in the year than a triathlon. Since most of you have been training extremely hard for triathlon season and are already in shape, I put together a quick 4 week duathlon training plan to take you from triathlete to duathlete in a month.


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