4 Ironman Long Run Workouts

Ironman Long Run Workouts

When you train for an Ironman you need to put in a lot of training. That’s just a fact.

Countless hours will be spent in the water, on a bike, or in a pair of running shoes. Many Ironman athletes will do the majority of their runs at an easier aerobic pace thinking they need the aerobic help.

Stop doing that. Unlike a marathon runner, you have two other sports you are training that will give you aerobic training. Instead of doing all your runs at an aerobic or comfortable pace, try alternating.

For these Ironman run workouts we will highlight 4 long runs to help you do just that.

Run #1: 3×3’s

For this run workout you will be doing a Fartlek style run.

  • 3 miles at 30 seconds under race pace
  • 3 miles at 30 seconds over race pace
  • Repeat 2-3 more times

Run #2: 30 Second Bursts

This Ironman run workout is much less organized and should be done as creatively as you want. For any run over an hour this is the perfect run to spice things up.

  • Pick a random spot in front of you and run hard to it
  • Don’t run hard for longer than a minute each time
  • After the burst drop back down to your normal pace for a couple minutes
  • Continue these bursts as much and as creatively as you want for the rest of the run!

Run #3: Alternate Ending

On an hour or longer run most of us get pretty bored towards the end. Instead of just slogging through the miles, try this run to keep your legs on edge.

  • Only do this for the last 3rd of the run
  • Alternate 4-5 minutes at tempo then 4-5 at easy pace
  • Repeat that cycle till your cool down

Run #4: Treadhills

Hills are most triathlete’s most feared course object. Why? Because nobody ever trains them. So instead of just turning on a movie and running steady for two hours on a treadmill try this workout instead (you can still watch a movie).

  • Take your run and split it into 3rds
  • For the 1st 3rd of the run just go your normal aerobic pace
  • On the 2nd 3rd increase the incline by one button press every couple minutes or every song change
  • On the last 3rd decrease the incline by one button press every couple minutes or every song change
  • Keep the same pace the entire time


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