Bike Workout: Smooth Pedaling Training

Bike Workout: Smooth pedaling

If you are like me then you have a lot of trouble with your biking form.

When I bike on a trainer my bike twists all over, my body moves constantly, I tend to pedal harder with one leg than the other, and numerous other issues.

What if there was one thing you could work on that would solve all of this? Great news! There is.

Smooth pedaling no matter what speed will completely eliminate the imbalances and most form issues when you are biking. Like a smooth run stride, it will give you the perfect platform to move forward without all the baggage.

To work on my pedaling and make it smoother I will do this workout once every other week and have seen tremendous improvements since starting this.

The Workout

First and foremost you will need a stationary bike trainer. If you don’t have one then you can do this on the road but I would advise against it.

The main focus here is a controlled increase and decrease in rpm’s. With a consistent surface elevation that can be achieved through a trainer, this works perfectly.

On the road you will experience inclines and declines which aren’t good for this workout.

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Warm Up

  • 20 minutes easy
    • Focus on smooth circles when pedaling

Main Set

Focusing on smooth pedaling in an easy gear with no resistance:

  • 1 minute @ 90 RPM
  • 1 minute @ 95 RPM
  • 1 minute @ 100 RPM
  • 1 minute @ 105 RPM
  • 1 minute @ 110 RPM
  • 1 minute @ 105 RPM
  • 1 minute @ 100 RPM
  • 1 minute @ 95 RPM
  • 1 minute @ 90 RPM

Cool Down

  • 10 minute easy
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