The Best Triathlon Shoe Laces: Lock Laces


As all triathletes know, speed is the name of the game. Finding as many places to shave off a fraction of a moment as possible is what every triathlete tries to figure out.

One of the easiest places to cut time is during transitions. To be even more precise (for the sake of the review) I’m talking about putting on your running shoes.

We all know the feeling of being cramped on a bike for a long period of time with our feet sweaty and ready to hit the road on our run. Some of us move a little slower than we should so that we make sure we get our shoes on properly and fitting perfectly.

But should we have to sacrifice time for comfort? To be short – no. No we don’t. Meet Lock Laces.

Lock Laces

Shoe with Lock Laces

A lot of you will have already heard of Lock Laces. But for those of you who haven’t, allow me to introduce you to the best triathlon shoe laces on the market.

Lock Laces are essentially thin elastic bungee cords that replace your traditional running shoe laces. Why is this better?

Because elastic stretches and your current laces don’t. Stop sitting down in T2 to put on your shoes and tie them up properly before you start your run.

Instead, come screaming into T2, rack your bike, slip on your shoes and start running. Sound faster? It is.


  • Lock Laces are extremely elastic which allow you to set your desired tightness before the race and then just slip them on and start running
  • It is the original brand of elastic laces. They have a patent and everything.
  • Come in a TON of colors
  • One size fits all (so no guesswork when ordering them)
  • Super affordable


  • In my personal opinion they seem to only last for one pair of shoes. I wouldn’t plan on reusing them over and over again.

How easy is it to install Lock Laces?



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