The Official Global Bike Partner of Ironman: Ventum

Ventum Ironman Global Bike Partner

Yesterday IRONMAN announced it’s first ever Global Bike Partnership with Ventum, the triathlon bike brand. This is a big deal as other global partners such as Roka and Hoka are industry leaders in the sport of triathlon.

If you don’t know what makes Ventum bikes so special, here is an excerpt from the press release:

“Ventum leverages technology from fighter jets and Formula One racing to create bicycles that are more aerodynamic and ergonomic. Built for maximum performance in real-world race conditions, the Ventum One stands out from traditional bicycles thanks to its patented frame design. Featuring a water bottle integrated into the top tube and the elimination of the downtube and seat stays, the Ventum One is actually faster with a water bottle than without.”

To read more about the historic partnership between IRONMAN and Ventum click here


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