The Best Natural Energy Gel: Endurance Tap

Endurance Tap Natural Energy Gel

It is a fact that energy gels are the “fuel of choice” for multisport athletes around the world. These gelatinous syrupy sweet shots are consumed by the thousands on race days. The sticky empty shells usually litter the trash cans and roads like breadcrumbs to the starting line.

Since most opt for non-natural big brands like Gu or Stinger I wanted to find the best natural energy gel on the market that nobody had heard of. After a long and tedious search I found it in a little Canadian company called Endurance Tap.

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Endurance Tap Natural Energy Gels

The idea behind Endurance Tap was simple. Two Canadian friends and self-proclaimed sports fanatics decided that the energy gel market lacked “REAL natural fueling options”.

Matt and Pat Endurance Tap
The minds behind the mission.

They realized that most gels on the market were derived in labs and huge industrial plants and were more closely related to a beaker rather than the earth.

So after looking at options to change that they ultimately settled on a staple of their motherland: maple syrup.

From there it was countless hours spent at home working to refine the perfect recipe for the most natural energy gel on the market. They found that natural energy gel recipe in just 3 ingredients: maple syrup, ginger and sea salt.

Maple Syrup Operation
Note: This is not a real photo of Endurance Tap HQ….I think

Endurance Tap Review

I am one of those multisport athletes that doesn’t stomach energy gels very well. Sure they help and certainly work as intended but that’s usually at the sacrifice of my insides.

Most energy gels that aren’t natural are super thick and contain so many cheap ingredients that your stomach has to workout just so you can workout.

And I haven’t even talked about the mouth issue yet. Almost every other gel on the market forces you to drink anytime you take a gel unless you want to feel like you just bobbed for apples in a pit of molasses.

So after reading the claims from the folks at Endurance Tap I was eager to give it a taste.

Energy Gel Perfection Does Exist

Endurance Tap Logo

Yes, I too was super skeptical of chugging maple syrup while training or racing. I liked maple syrup on my pancakes and drizzled over bacon and breakfast sausage – but in an energy gel? I had doubts.

It was about 85 degrees outside and humid when I opened my first natural energy gel. As I was roughly 45 minutes into my run, dripping with sweat with a parched mouth I wasn’t very eager to down a gel and have to finish my run with sticky mouth.

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The minute the gel hit my mouth I inhaled the rest. It wasn’t super sticky. It wasn’t thick. It didn’t taste like I licked my plate after pancakes. It was refreshing – delicious even.

There was no forced flavors of birthday cake or key lime pie. There was no over implied sweetness or salinity. You knew the salt was there. You knew the sugar was there. But as quickly as you noticed it – it disappeared.

I was hooked. Endurance Tap truly is the gold standard of not just natural energy gels, but ALL energy gels.


Besides the taste and above mentioned benefits of these natural energy gels, I wanted to highlight a few other awesome ones:

  • Natural ingredients
  • Has a digestive aid of ginger to help your stomach
  • Contains 63 antioxidants
  • Resealable cap
  • Doesn’t freeze on cold runs or rides

I was a big fan of the resealable cap feature. On later workouts this allowed me to fuel more consistently rather than bulk fueling at longer intervals. I had much better workouts when I took about ⅓ every 15-20 minutes instead of the entire gel at 45-60minutes.


There are really only 2 negatives about these natural energy gels:

  • I wish they had one with caffeine.
  • Price. A 12 pack is almost $35 and shipping is another $5.37 (Which comes to $3.33/gel). If you live in Canada you can probably find them at a local running store but their footprint in the US is still growing.

All-in-all I can safely say that Endurance Tap makes the best Natural Energy Gel on the planet.

You can purchase Endurance Tap HERE.

Endurance Tap Nutrition Facts

Endurance Tap Nutrition Facts

Images pulled from Endurance Tap’s website: 

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