Ultimate Sweat Rate Calculator and Tracker

Sweat Rate

Obviously sweat rate is huge in triathlons and any athletic endeavor. Your nutrition plan and hydration strategy is probably more important than your training in many cases.However, it is surprising how many triathletes do a terrible job at keeping on top of hydration and sweat rate.

Well, as I too have started to experience dehydration a lot during training I looked for a way to calculate, track, and predict my sweat rate. Since nothing really existed for what I was looking for – I built it.

I get that not everyone is a nerd like me so I decided to make all of your lives a lot easier.

I put together a Google sheet that you can steal for yourself and re-purpose to calculate your sweat rate. Better yet, you can also track it and analyze it to prepare you perfectly for your next training session or race.

For those of you who hate reading and just want the free sweat rate calculator, here you go:

Sweat Rate Calculator and Tracker

Sweat Rate Calculator

As you can see the first tab is pretty straightforward. First you need to go to “File” and “Make a Copy”. Then just enter in these fields:

  • Date of your workout
  • Starting weight (with as minimal clothes as possible)
  • Finish weight (with as minimal clothes as possible)
  • Food consumed during the workout (in ounces)
  • Drink consumed during the workout (in ounces)
  • Total time of the workout (in minutes)
  • Your average heart rate during the workout (Here is a good HR monitor)
  • The particular sport
  • The temperature of the environment you worked out in
  • The humidity of the environment you worked out in (if you have it)

In the last column I went ahead and put in the formula for calculating sweat rate so once you enter in the fields it should populate. 

Best Feature of the Sweat Rate Calculator

I’d say the biggest benefit to this sweat rate calculator and tracker spreadsheet is the fact that it allows you to manipulate the data in whatever way you want.

For example, in the “HR/Temp Model” tab of the spreadsheet I went ahead and graphed out the correlation between my sweat rate, heart rate and temperature.HR and Temp Model for Sweat Rate

Now all I have to do before a training session or race is look at what the temperature is going to be and determine where my heart rate will be and I will know what my sweat rate will be.

Let me know if there is anything else you would like to see in the spreadsheet or if you have any questions just post in the comments below!


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