Swim Workout: Sprint Distance Triathlon Test Set

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One of the things I noticed when training for my first multisport race was the lack of training resources. Sure there are a couple workouts on blogs here and there but there is no great place to scroll through endless workouts to pick from. Although I have swam competitively my entire life I still hated creating new workouts over and over again during training. Since I am going to assume most of you are the same way I have gone through the painful process of creating tons of workouts for you. Here is one of them:

Sprint Distance Triathlon Test Set

The goal of this sprint distance triathlon swim workout is to gauge your fitness leading into a sprint triathlon. Whether you are a seasoned triathlete or this is your very first triathlon this set will help tell you how ready you are. Your total time should be close to what you can go on race day.

Ideally you would do this swim workout every 3 weeks with the last one being 2 weeks before the sprint distance triathlon race. There will be very little rest so make sure you focus on maintaining the same speed throughout.

When you start the main set don’t worry about keeping track of your time on each rep. Instead just look at total time and subtract the sum of seconds that you rested during the set.

Below I have 3 variations (Gold, Silver, Bronze) based on the distance you need to do.

Gold (750 meter swim leg)

200 Swim/200 Kick/200 Pull/200 Swim for Warm Up
*At the end of the main set subtract 0:15s from total time
3×200 (rest 0:05s after each)
300 Cool Down

Silver (500 meter swim leg)

200 Swim/200 Kick/200 Pull for Warm Up
*At the end of the main set subtract 0:20s from total time
5×100 (rest 0:05s after each)
200 Cool Down

Bronze (350 meter swim leg)

150 Swim/150 Kick/150 Pull
*At the end of the main set subtract 0:20s from total time
4×75 (rest 0:05s after each)
200 Cool Down

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