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My name is James Goodwillie. Growing up I swam competitively at a national level. I then sacrificed my progression by voluntarily going to get my ass kicked for 4 years at Virginia Military Institute. I didn’t really care about school, I drank and partied more than any human should, and I gained weight. A lot of weight. I worked on a startup immediately after college and had a less-than normal work schedule. This left a lot of random time pockets throughout my day so I decided to pick up running. I had always been a decent runner and enjoyed it, so I laced up my shoes and never looked back. From that point until now, running has been my escape – my “me” time.

It wasn’t until I decided to swim a mile and a half for cancer in the Long Island Sound nearly 3 years later that I found myself wondering, can you put these two sports together? Come to find out – you can. It’s called multisports, and more specifically (for this combination), the aquathlon. I did my first one that same month and won by a couple minutes. I had always liked swimming and running races but I was addicted to the combination. This was June 2016. By October that same year I got 10th overall at the Aquathlon National Championships in Santa Cruz California and earned a spot on the Team USA roster for the 2017 ITU Multisport World Championships in the 25-29 Age Group. Fast forward till July 2017 after months of training hard and I got hip tendinitis in my left hip. I did my best to keep training and in August I got 3rd at the World Championships. Pretty damn jazzy. So why did I still feel like it wasn’t enough? Because I wanted to do more. I wanted to do duathlons, aquabikes, triathlons, 70.3’s, Ironman races, etc. So from that point forward I decided I would buy a bike and dive head first into all of it. So here is my journey from One sport to Multi.



  • 3rd – ITU Aquathlon World Championships
  • 1st – Coney Island Aquathlon


  • #1 rank in nation for Aquathlon 25-29 AG
  • 10th Overall Aquathlon National Championship
  • Did my very first multisport race

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